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I save this for something in the future, perhaps, once I get my mind more around what this will be. I don't even know why I am explaining these pages. It is as if I am still responsible to someone.


  1. Are you doing any Western writers? Kipling and Forster should be on here. Probably Naipaul too. And Gandhi. More Gandhi! And with him, Nandan Nilekani. Have you heard of Imagining India before?

    I'm getting way too excited. It's like I'm doing a second vicarious field study through you.

    1. I am not quite sure what to do with western writers. I think I need to flesh my project out more, but maybe? And I actually can't believe I didn't think to read any Gandhi. I am kind of embarrassed now, haha. I have not heard of Nandan Nilekani. I will look him up post haste. If he is the author of Imagining India, then no. If he isn't, still no.