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Friday, May 4, 2012

Mostly just housekeeping

Okay, I am not committed to posting everyday. I want to do it as often as I can, but the promise I have made myself is that I will not post unless I have something to say, otherwise this will kind of get stupid fast.

I deleted the sources tab and made the assignments tab only for in field assignments. I have all those posts tagged and everything, I just want this blog to now be focused on my actual project moving forward, not the patchy reporting of what I have done before. Basically I could not think of a good way to put it on here without being aesthetically and logically displeasing to me. The readings tab is for all my reading assignments. Maybe I will do something more with it like link some entries about responses or thoughts I have about the reading, but for now it is just another list, like my book tab.

I finally posted my proposal, although I omitted the intent/background part, sections A and B. I will be working on them, but I want them to be more focused and something I am actually satisfied with if I am going to be posting them on this blog going forward. I will update them probably soon.

Other than those things I have updated some blog lists. I am still playing with them. They may change.

Now I just wish all the people in the field would say something! I am so excited to read their first impressions but they are all so dang silent. I think only Roseanne has said anything and I am not even sure if she is in the field or not.

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  1. You left today, and I can't wait to hear from you about your own adventures. I'll try to do better about posting, too. Anyway, I've been writing A LOT of notes on my own, but not always posting them--don't forget to take lots of notes, even if they're not post-worthy. Love your blog, keep us in the loop about everything--also great idea about assignments, I'll be doing that...now.