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Friday, January 13, 2012

Twenty-Five Questions Round Three

I think it is round three anyways. I do not have as much time as I wanted to have/planned to have, but here goes nothing, I suppose.

Actually as an aside, I saw on another girl's field study blog that she wrote questions and then kind of just thought them out, like what she was thinking, associated questions in a paragraph following them. It was just stream of consciousness, I guess, like her just talking out the question in a paragraph afterwards exploring them. She only wrote like nine questions, but I like that format. I may do some of that this week and next week.

Anyhow. Here we go, for real this time.

1. What do Indians read?
2. What do they write?
3. Why do they read?
4. Why do they write? (I am not just taking up space; I think the distinction is important.)
5. Is more being written in English or in native languages?
6. Is there a difference in quality between modern Indian literature in English versus modern Indian literature in native languages?
7. What literary criticism exists in India?
8. What genres are written in each language?
9. What are the major themes explored in each language?
10. Are the people who write in English versus native languages different, or are there just authors who generally write in multiple languages?
11. How do publishing companies influence what is written and read?
12. Is there a difference in what is selected by foreign companies like Penguin versus local publishing houses?
13. Is there a perceived difference in quality between foreign and local publishing houses?
14. How does the reading selections among classes differ?
15. Does language origin have an influence on what people read? (e.g. first language Tamil speaker versus first language Telugu speaker)
16. Are there any books perceived to be “classics”?
17. Do they differ from what is commonly considered the Western “classics”?
18. How much does religion dominate/impact reading selection?
19. What is the Indian perception of those who read?
20. Is there a difference in the quantity of reading done by the rich versus the middle class versus the lower classes?
21. Has reading changed across generations in India?
22. Are there any banned books in India?
23. Do Indians mostly buy books, borrow them, check them out from a library, or buy pirated copies?
24. How does education impact how and what Indians read?
25. How does travelling abroad impact what and in which language Indians read?


  1. This is a great list of questions, and I agree that the first four are very important and not repetitive. I'm so excited to see what you find! We really do need to talk again.

    1. Are you Rachel, Jay, or Sarah, haha? But yes, I am also excited and look forward to talking again. I think.

    2. Rachel. I forgot to sign out of individual. :(