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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sudden Idea

As I was finishing my last post, I had an idea. This may be impossible, I am just thinking this out here in this post. I wonder if there is a way to have my research be completely open. I wonder if there is a way to make a website or a blog or a facebook page or something like that where my research on reading in India can be actively interacted with and contributed to by people in India or Indians in other places.

I understand that there are hurtles to overcome for something like this. There is the sensitive topic of illiteracy, the diversity of languages, English fluency. I don't even know if doing it in English is the correct choice for this kind of thing in India.

But if I could get a group on goodreads or provide a place where I could interact with people or get people to interact on the topic of reading, that would be amazing. I know we have talked about how if you post your results/notes, then people change their answers, but I wonder if the topic being something like reading would allow it to be more freely open, less constrained than it would be if I were discussing marriage or religion or something. I mean, you cannot predict how things will be perceived, I guess.

I don't entirely know the best way to put something together like this. The respondents would mostly just be college students/young adults as they are probably the only ones who would go to internet cafes for something like this. It also would skew the responses to the more affluent because they would be the most internet literate.

I will have to think more about this idea. It may just complicate things. I really like the idea of my project not being all hush hush, though. I don't think the topic really requires it or even needs it.

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