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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Okay so this isn't going so well lately. I am getting back on the horse, I promise. Tomorrow afternoon I am going to draw up a to do list of absolutely everything to the smallest detail that must happen before the semester is over and then I am going to draw up a list of topics to blog about. Come hell or high water I will write a blog post every day, two or three times a day ideally. This isn't just to make this blog functional. This is entirely to just get me writing and producing again. I think have about worked myself through the road block I hit with my project and I am ready to jump back into action again. I don't have quite the sources I would like, but I have enough for what I need to do. So maybe I will be blogging about random India things like religion or food or something or maybe it will be aspects of my project I am exploring, ideas on methodology, etc. It will be a grab bag. It will probably be hard and there will be times when I absolutely do not want to write, but I will do it. It will work out in the end.

In other news I have no idea what the heck I should do for my other class during the summer. If I don't take another English class I will probably have to graduate in April instead of December because I don't really think I am capable of taking four English classes in one semester. Having three is hell, four would be awful. Maybe it will work out. I will have to check what will double count. If two of the classes I think  will double count will double count then everything will be okay, but if not, I will have a possible small problem. Although if I don't have to take two English classes that could cause another problem in that I will need to really brainstorm what subject even to do the other one in. Is it wrong that I want it to be something awesome? Like I mean, go out and explore ruins awesome or something. My one class will be reading/writing, so maybe I can rig something up like that.

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  1. You can easily take English classes in the field. Have you not talked to Dr. Easley about ENGL 358R? That's an easy class to basically do what you are already doing, and read Indian literature. Or you can take the 4 something class called "directed readings." I took ENGL 326 Digital Culture from Dr. Burton. And I am pretty sure you are the type to abhor creative writing, but all of those classes are up for grabs (I took 317R for nonfiction (and actually, I think you would have interesting nonfiction to write that I would enjoy) and ENGL 306 Travel Writing). I'd be more than happy to talk to you about options, but I'll laugh in your face if you think you have no English options in the field. Not to mention we have a ton of rapport with the faculty in the department.