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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas not readers. I haven't actually told anyone about this yet, so...I don't think anyone will actually read this, haha, but oh well. Things are good. I haven't read as much as I have wanted, but still, I am making good progress. I should still get through all the books I planned to this break. Studying Hindi has not gone as well as I would like, but there is still time to fix that starting today. Or tomorrow. I am not sure if there are family obligations tonight, now that I think about it. In related news I got some reading lights for my room, which is awesome. This will make studying so much nicer next semester. Now that I have put my room together I just need to bring the discipline and things should go swimmingly. I hope. Anyhow, Midnight's Children is really slowing me down. It is a good book, but the chaotic writing style is making it difficult to get lost in. The book I just finished, The Last Mughal just sucked me in. I couldn't put the dang thing down. My mother took it away from me because I wasn't engaging the family enough, haha. Midnight's Children has just been more mental work. The plot is more difficult to follow and the action is not as rewarding. Plus the part I just finished involved the main character's finger getting chopped off in a door. Yeah, I kind of had to take a breather after that. Salman Rushdie and I just have different taste, I suppose. He doesn't mind the ripped skin and snot of the world. I have a harder time with that. I think this is good though. It is stupid to only focus on the beautiful and wonderful in the world. I mean, The Last Mughal was far from the perfect wonderfulness in the world, but it did not focus on snot flinging third graders and stuff like that. Rushdie looks all that full in the face. I have spent most of my life avoiding that kind of thing. So it is a difficult read for me, but I think it is healthy. I feel like it is helping my understanding of India. It isn't a big revelation or anything, at least not yet. But I am hoping that by the time I finish, well, my goal with all of these is to have a better picture in my mind of Indianness. Anyhow, I am just over half way done. I just need one good day and then I can finish it off. The other books I have left won't be so bad because they are lighter and I am kind of excited for them. Anyhow, this is the most productive break I have ever had. It has been great. I need to double down though. I have let myself get a little lazy. So here is to tomorrow, I suppose.

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