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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So let's be honest, shall we?

I happen to adore talking/thinking about India/Indian things/literature and I love talking/thinking about myself (who doesn't?), so...I will probably be updating this blog obsessively. I mean, probably not multiple times a day/everyday like it has been, but very regularly.

Anyhow, so I actually do have a reason, well, I mean a selfish reason, but then this is my blog, so doesn't that go without saying? I mean, unless you are writing a specifically charity blog, I suppose. But yes. So I am continuing my research. I have started going through blogger. Sort of. Mostly I have started amassing blogs which I need to go through. So far my list has about thirty or forty entries and I haven't gone through the links pages on any of those thirty or forty...so in reality the list should really be around a hundred and fifty or so. I do not think the majority of them will prove fruitful, but for now at least, I will set aside time to go through them. I haven't started facebook yet. I suppose I will need at least one picture of myself to put on my front page or whatever it is called so that I do not creep people out when/if I friend request them. That is another thing about facebook. On most other websites you can be whoever you want to be. There is nothing creepy or suspicious about my basically faceless self over on Live Journal. I have many basically faceless friends I have made there, but on facebook you have to spill the beans or no one wants to talk to you. Useless, completely useless. Not that I want to be some sort of mysterious stranger, but I do not like the idea of having to post pictures and personal information on a website notorious for misusing/leaking its users pictures and personal information. Plus I still cannot believe that so many people use a website that openly admits in its privacy information that it happily steals any picture you upload. How does no one have a problem with this blatant reverse piracy?

Oh well. So facebook will...probably happen. I mean it has to happen. I really need to start maintaining contacts within the country. I have been dragging my feet, but really there is no escape this time. I cannot just expect one or two phone calls a year, some promised e-mails, and maybe a visit to suffice. The other problem I have with this is that I am suspicious that I will be much more successful at maintaining Indian contacts if I have a bunch of stuff from American friends for them to look at and find me cool or whatever. There are a few people I don't mind adding, I suppose, but it goes against all my principles.

In other news The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay is...interesting. It started out really shallow and I am pretty sure it is going to stay shallow the entire time. So far it has been obsessed with sex (not pornographically, thankfully), but obsessed with sex. (can you reference a parenthetical aside directly in the sentence as if it weren't a parenthetical aside even though it is while still leaving as a parenthetical aside?) It is kind of a bizarre take from a native Indian since Bollywood is just barely getting around to kissing, much less, well, everything else.

Also, remind me to post my feelings on how India wants to censor foreign websites because they have "offensive content" but remains mum on the fact that The Times of India website features pornography on its front page every freaking day.

Also, also, I should probably figure out tags/labels here pretty soon before I get in too deep and have to waste hours going back and labeling everything. I assume at some point I may need to come back and reference something I wrote.

Am I applying any labels to this entry? No. No I am not, haha.

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