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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not that I am promising daily updates

But I might as well post as I have the time. I have a few things I need to get done before next semester starts. Or at least things I really hope I get done. This blog was a big one. It actually came together a lot faster than I thought it would. Previous incarnations took a lot longer, and I was never entirely pleased with the results. I am satisfied with this one however. I even applied to the British Library for official permission to use this background image. I feel so...official and cool now. It's like this is a real project or something. I mean, it is just a personal blog, not like some big organization project or whatever, but having written permission to use something is so exciting! It is like this is for real or something.

I have finished one of the books I brought for the break and I am making good progress through the second. The long drives involved in this trip help a lot. I have four others I brought as well as one of my Hindi textbooks. I think I will get through it all.

I need to turn in that dag blasted paper for the field study. It is the official acceptance document. There wasn't really a question in my mind, but I understood why they wanted us to think about what we were agreeing to since once you agree, you are really agreeing and backing out is costly. Anyhow, I was afraid that I would forget and I did. I don't think it is a problem at all, but, I wish I had remembered. So I will turn it in first thing when I get back to Provo.

Then I need to finally meet with Dr. Eastley to see about arranging a class. I have no idea who I should go to for the second course I need to arrange. Although that actually will probably become fairly obvious once I have my project all figured out.

I need to arrange for my plane tickets before prices go up. That should probably happen during the break or at the very latest by mid January. I am thinking of using Qatar Airways. Mostly because they actually have a pretty good fair right now and I have heard fairly good things about their service. But I also kind of want to take them because one of the hubs is Doha Qatar. I wouldn't really be going to the Middle East, it would just be a layover in the airport, but it is kind of like going and that would be so exciting. Besides, as far as the Middle East goes, Qatar is relatively tame. My one big concern with airfare is I do not know anything about my housing yet. The Kennedy Center is helping me with that. Apparently they know people. Also I have a friend from my Hindi class who has friends and family in New Delhi who has suggested he could help me. I mean, I know I will find housing no problem, eventually, I just feel a little awkward just buying tickets not knowing where I am going to stay exactly.

I also need to work on just more general research. I have spent hours on the British Library looking at old photographs of India. That doesn't directly relate to my project, I suppose, but it has been fascinating. I have gone through a lot on Wikipedia as well. I think the next direction I will go is blogs. There are a few I have identified of Indian authors, journalists, and...other people. I don' t know exactly how to categorize them. I suppose I should get on facebook and friend all the people I haven't friended that I know in India. I just really am uncomfortable with the idea of facebook.

Anyhow, today will mostly be spent reading. I hope to finish the book I am currently working on by tomorrow night. It should be doable. And I have been in a strong reading mood lately. It has been months since I have had that, burning, clawing at the back of your mind, craving for reading. I am not quite sure what has brought this on.


  1. Okay. Final comment. But especially if you are interested in continuing to blog and use social media to find contacts, you might consider taking Digital Culture from Dr. Burton in the field. That was what I did. It was a good fit. Now I promise no more comments for tonight. Sorry, I just discovered your blog.

    1. So how did social media fit in with your study of stories? I mean, it does, but was it from more like an authorship perspective, or was it...I don't know, but I am intrigued.

  2. Bah. Rem, we just need to talk. Too much to respond too. I'll try to keep up with your blog better.

    1. Yeah, don't really worry about it. We'll be in touch. Your random flashes of advice and insight tend to do more than a lot of the sustained research and other stuff I do anyways. And I need to text you.